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Welcome to Fence Company Abilene Tx! If you are looking to install a new fence, get your fence replaced or looking to fix your damaged fence with our fence repair services, you have come to the right place!

People sometimes find us when they search “fence company near me” or “fence company Abilene Tx” and lots of other ways. We also get many many referrals from our current customers as well.

As one of the top Abilene fence companies, we maintain high craftsmanship among lots of other qualities that you’ll find in a good fence installation company such as:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Always Free estimates
  • Great fencing products from the best fence manufacturers and suppliers
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Professional
  • Licensed, bonded, insured
  • And so much more . . .

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Fencing Abilene Tx – Residential and Commercial

Fence Company Abilene Tx will install any type of fence on any type of property, regardless of whether its residential or commercial. We specialize in residential fence installation, but we can do anything!

So why install a fence? 

Fences are great for many different reasons. The top three reasons people decide to install a fence at their property are:

Privacy – Privacy is one of the main reasons that people get a fence. You can get privacy with most fence types. 

Getting a privacy fence at your property is very rewarding. Depending on the type of privacy fence in Abilene or Taylor County that you decide to get will determine the cost of the project and how long it will take to install it. 

But once it is finished, you will be very happy and satisfied with how well it is built!

Security – Security is also a main reason that people decide to get a fence. Whether it’s for keeping unwanted people and animals out, or making sure that children and pets are safe within the boundaries of your property.

Security fences are great to give you peace of mind knowing that you have created a boundary around your property. You will have a sense of added protection that a security fence brings. 

We can also install custom gates and security gates if you are interested in opening and closing off access to your property as well!

Increase Property Value – Fences also add value to your property. They can beautify a property and the added privacy and security adds value.

Adding value to a property is very important to any homeowner. A fence does just that, but also provides the convenience mentioned about the advantages of privacy and security depending on the style of fence you ended up choosing.

We install many different types of fencing including:

  • Wood
  • Chain link
  • Steel / aluminum/ wrought iron
  • Vinyl
  • Gates
  • Fence Repair Abilene Tx
  • And more  . . . 


Fence Company Abilene Tx Services

We have many different fence services and can install many different fence types. We can install a new fence of any fence style, repair any damaged fencing at your commercial business or residential home, and can also remove any unwanted fence and replace it if that is something you are wanting. We provide honest fence estimates that are free and you aren’t under any obligation to use us if you decide to have us come out. Of course we would love your business, so we try to stay affordable and competitive while also providing high quality work. See our main fence services below:

Wood Fence Abilene Tx

Wood fences are very popular in Abilene. Wood fencing is great because it adds privacy, security, and value to any property. There are a lot of customizable options with wooden fences. You can paint or stain fencing for any look as well. Get a wood fence installed on your property!

Fence Repair Abilene

We have the best fence contractors in Abilene that can fix any fence. If you need fence repair in Abilene Texas, call us. It can sometimes be much more affordable to fix and mend a damaged fence rather than tear it down and replace it with a new one.

Chain Link Fence Abilene

Chain link fence installation is one of the most popular and most affordable fencing types that you can purchase. Chain link is great if you want a security fence, but is also great in some instances for privacy. Chain link comes in many different colors and styles. Call today to find our chain link fence cost.


Vinyl fencing is a great material because is a very strong and durable product. Vinyl requires little to no maintenance and can last a very long time on any property. Vinyl comes in many different colors and many different fence styles.

Ornamental Iron

Ornamental fences look great and they last a long time. Ornamental is made of metal steel or aluminum with the look of wrought iron. If you are looking to add value to your property while getting great security as well, consider an ornamental fence.

One Of the Top Abilene Fence Companies

Here at Fence Company Abilene Tx, we pride ourselves in being the best. 

Fence installation Abilene Tx should be high quality from a reputable fence company. Our mission is to be that company for every person that we help.

We install wood, vinyl, chain link, privacy fences, pool fences, wood gates, custom gates, security gates, steel, iron, aluminum fencing, black chain link fence, wrought iron fencing, horse fencing, cattle fencing, split rail fencing and many other different fence styles!

We know that there are many fence companies in Abilene Tx, but we hope that you give us a real shot.

Just let us know and we will help you! Call us for a FREE consultation!

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If you are search for ‘fence services near me’ and you came across us, the first step is to call us to schedule your free quote. It’s important that when you are looking for fencing companies Abilene that you use one that will give you a free no-obligation estimate.

Our fence builders Abilene will walk your property, take some measurements, and discuss your wants and needs. Our goal is to give you suggestions and feedback and answer any questions you have. Once we get the details of your project we will give your quote!


If you like our quote for fencing in Abilene we will schedule a day to install your fence and order your materials! Like all fence companies in Abilene, if you order any custom materials will take longer than standard ones found at our fence supplier.


Once all materials are delivered by our fence company in Abilene, it’s time to install your fence! We will dig fence post holes, set the posts in concrete, and build out the rest of your fence!

We know you will be very happy with your Abilene fencing just like so many of our other customers!



We are expert Abilene fence contractors. We are affordable and have great value. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Our Abilene Fencing Company has a large service area. See the other areas around Abilene Texas below:

  • Potosim Tx
  • Tye, Tx
  • Merkel, Tx
  • Hamby, Tx
  • Impact, Tx
  • Wylie, Tx
  • Tuscola, Tx
  • And many other surrounding areas!

About Abilene Texas

Abilene Texas is located west of Dallas located in Taylor County. Abilene is supported by a large agricultural presence as well as manufacturing and some small colleges and universities. There are also lots of parks and a zoo.

Living here is great due to its low cost of living. It’s also a great place to start a small business!

If you live in Abilene Texas currently or somewhere in Taylor County or plan to live here and looking for fence builders Abilene Tx for your property, please consider us! We are one of the top fence companies Abilene Tx so give us a call today!



  • Fencing Abilene Tx installation costs vary and depend on a few factors:

    • Fence type
    • Fence style
    • Fence height
    • Linear feet
    • Gates
    • Type of property (commercial or residential)
    • and lots more . . .

    The best way to know how much it will cost to install your fence is to call us!

  • Our Abilene fence contractors don’t recommend that you build your own fence. 

    We are the perfect company for the job. You may be able to handle the fence build on your own, but our fences come with warranty on labor and the fence product and we will make sure to install it correctly.

    You will be very satisfied with your fence if it is built by us!

  • No. Each fence type and style has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

    To find out which fence is best for you call us today!

  • If you are searching fence companies Abilene Tx, whether you searched for fencers near me or fencing contractors near me, you have come across one of the best fence companies Abilene. 

    Our Abilene fence company cares about helping the entire community and we provide fence installation services around the entire area. 

    We cover a large service area so contact us today and I’m sure we can help you!


Our clients seriously love us … it’s no wonder why 9 out of 10 people choose us to install their fence.

  • AFFORDABLE Abilene Fences!

    I as looking for a fence contractor near me and I was grateful for how nice the fence builders were when they installed my new fence. And i was surprised at the cost too!

    AFFORDABLE Abilene Fences!
    Nancy Chevy
    March 7, 2018
  • GREAT Job

    Very high craftsmanship with these fences. I was very impressed with the fence installation near me. Well done!

    GREAT Job
    Richard Johnson
    July 23, 2019
  • Fence Repair PROS

    I was worried about spending too much on my fence after I noticed severe damage. When I as looking for fence installers near me, they came by and told me that it would be cheaper to fix rather than replace. I was very relieved! Glad I found these fence builders near me!

    Fence Repair PROS
    Barbara Smith
    June 2, 2017


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Our fence contractors will help you create a beautiful looking fence on your property that meets your exact needs. And we will install any style at an affordable cost. The next thing you need to do is call Fence Company Abilene Tx today for a free estimate. Talk to you soon!